Access Manager

IAM and RBAC platform for self-service SaaS and IaaS access request approval, provisioning, and audit management that supplements SSO providers.

Do you wish you could get access to software applications that GitLab uses without needing to wait for IT to provision your user account? Access Manager automates the approval and provisioning process.

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Directory Relationships

Database relationship mapping for users, groups, roles, applications, and application permission roles

Profile Mapping

Auto association of group memberships based on Okta/HRIS metadata

Access Requests

Self-service access requests and view available approvable relationships and eligible approval flows

Access Approvals

Approval flows for requesting access to an application, group, role, or other entities

Access Provisioning

Action flows for provisioning IAM users or role mappings

API Integration

API connection to most tech stack applications to perform automated IAM provisioning

Access Review

Scheduled approval flows for reviewing (auditing) access after preconfigured duration (customizable per role)

Automated Deprovisioning

Scheduled expiration dates for access removal based on employment or contract end date that trigger Action Flows for deprovisioming IAM users or roles

Comprehensive Logging

Logging and auditability of all approval and action flow transactions

Audit Reports

Easy to generate reports for security compliance to perform reviews of least privilege and access across multiple filter criteria.

Slack approvals and notifications

Slack bot with red and green button questions for improved user experience and efficiency for approval transactions

Email notifications

Email confirmations of transactions for multi-factor notification and approver searchability